News and Specials

November - Funky Monkey

These fun donuts are filled with a banana flavoured whipped cream, topped in Chocolate fondant and garnished with yellow sprinkles. Try one today!

banana donut.jpg


Our seasonal feature donut has finally hit the shelf! We fill our PUMPKIN PIE donuts with whipped cream that has actual pumpkin pie filling and spices mixed into it! Topped with graham crumbs, this donut is incredibly delicious and addicting! If you haven't tried one yet, you MUST! 


September - Peach

We've got a Peachy feature donut this month! They're loaded with a Peach whipped cream and topped in white fondant. 


August - S'more

This camping favourite is filled with a toasted marshmallow flavoured whipped cream, and covered with chocolate and graham crumbs.  So delicious, you'll have to try it soon!


We stuff these with a delicious blueberry jelly, after we've rolled them in sugar! A classic flavor for you to enjoy this month! See you soon!

June - Triple Chocolate

This month's feature donut has a decadent Chocolate Bavarian filling and is topped with chocolate fondant and chocolate chips! Satisfy that chocolate craving today!

May - "Jolly Rancher"

A new donut has been born this month! We've created a Jolly Rancher inspired donut! We fill them with a green apple whipped cream, top them in white fondant and sprinkle actual crushed Jolly Ranchers on top! Satisfy that sweet tooth with one today! 

April - Peanut Butter

Just in time for Easter! We are featuring a donut filled with peanut butter whipped cream, topped in chocolate and garnished with mini Reese's Pieces. Try one soon!

March - Irish Cream

Our St.Patrick's Day-inspired donut is here! These festive donuts are filled with a yummy Irish Cream whipped cream, topped in chocolate and garnished with green sprinkles! Try one today!

February - Cinnamon Heart

Our feature donut this month, has a lovely cinnamon flavoured whipped cream inside, and is topped with white fondant and garnished with cinnamon hearts. Just in time for Valentine's Day! Treat your sweetheart today!